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May 17, 2022

Brazilian Price Indices Now Available on Feedinfo!

As a result of feedback from the animal nutrition industry showing interest in pricing information for Brazil, we have now launched price indices for all feed additives tracked by Feedinfo.

As of this week and the schedule below, all Feedinfo users will be able to see Brazilian prices for vitamins, amino acids, and minerals on the Feedinfo price reporting service.

What exactly is available, and when?

Monday 16 May
Subscribers will be able to access Brazilian price indices and analyst commentary for:

Feed Phosphates
Copper Sulphate

Tuesday 17 May
Feedinfo users will be able to see Brazilian price indices and analyst commentary for:

Amino Acids Vitamins
Methionine Solid Vitamin A 1000
Lysine HCl (International) Vitamin E 50%
Lysine HCl (Chinese) Vitamin D3 500
Threonine D-Calpan
Tryptophan Biotin Pure
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2 80%

Thursday 19 May
The second set of Brazilian price assessment and analyst commentary are updated for these feed additives, in addition to the weekly update of:

Vitamin B3

What do users get with Feedinfo’s price indices for Brazil?
As with all prices tracked in the Feedinfo price reporting service, users of Feedinfo will have access to current spot prices, recent historical trends via charts, and a thorough commentary bi-weekly or weekly.

Meticulously checked and adhering to IOSCO compliance standards, subscribers can be sure that all pricing information is entirely free from bias and is 100% independent.
This is an exciting development for the Feedinfo team and one of several we are looking to make this year to better support our users.

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