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March 28, 2022

Special AgriBriefing Report: the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and What it Means for Agriculture

24 March 2022 – One month ago, on February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian invasion of Ukraine, garnering denunciation from countries and leaders around the world—while sending shock waves throughout global markets.

As the premier provider of pricing, analysis and news intelligence for agricultural commodities markets, AgriBriefing has prepared this special report with contributions from its intelligence services Stratégie Grains, Feedinfo and Urner Barry, to provide insight into how this conflict is impacting the entire food supply chain.

President Biden, along with other NATO nations, announced “severe and immediate economic costs on Russia,” which included financial sanctions and export controls. The ruble is now worth less than one U.S. cent, while a growing list of companies have shuttered operations in Russia.

“Food and agricultural markets are particularly impacted by the ripple effects of the current situation,” says Jamie Chadwick, Editorial Director for Urner Barry, the leading price reporting agency for the protein industry. “The entire supply chain is, in one way or another, feeling the effects.”

T​​​​​​his report features perspectives on the grains, oilseeds and biofuels markets via Stratégie Grains, the feed additives and animal nutrition sector via Feedinfo, and the protein industry via Urner Barry.

Read the report, now

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